CUPLE is a Spanish brand that represents featured fashion shoes & accessories ideal for all ages including handbags, watches, and perfume. Since 2003 the brand has delivered high-quality, stylish and comfortable footwear for every occasion with an exceptional appearance in the GCC market. The company steadily grew over the years and became a Well-known name as a respected brand of quality shoes in the GCC market. The brand is strategically planned and rapidly executed its expansion strategy in the UAE market, in one year 6 stores were opened in 2021. Within a mere 20 years of inception, it is operating more than 20 stores with over 200 employees.

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CUPLE was established in 2003 when the first shop was acquired in Kuwait, Now a globally recognized brand, its head – quarters remain in Dubai with offices around GCC. Currently, the brand holds more than 20 points of sale across the UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Sharjah. The company is also planning to expand to other countries in GCC such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar. In July 2006 CUPLE launched its first shop outside Kuwait in Dubai which sits in Dragon Mart. In March 2020 CUPLE launched an online store, we delivered 31,936 orders till now to all GCC. Every year Cuple offers at least three different seasonal collections mainly winter, Spring and Summer collections, for Ladies, Bags, and Kids categories. The brand is known for its quality, creative flair with good prices.



  • Monthly New Collections in our Stores
  • Competitive Price: CUPLE uses a value-based pricing strategy to set its prices according to the customer perceptions about the value of the company’s products. The company determine its product prices, uses competitive prices from 200 AED to 300 AED, and set attractive prices for different market segments according to its market dominance.
  • High Quality: CUPLE focuses on delivering the highest quality products at the right price to ensure the best customer experience.
  • The fashionable designs, impeccable craftsmanship and affordable price strike a chord with a passionate, chic and fashion-forward clientele
  • Amazing Kids Collection


A well-known brand of Fashionable shoes, bags, and perfume with a unique design we always make sure that every customer feels welcome and satisfied. We differ from other brands in terms of the below Aspects

  • Having our own resources of materials in, BRAZIL, and CHINA,
  • Amazing Kids Collection
  • Monthly New Collections in our Stores
  • Meet our customer’s expectation in the latest fashion, at a reasonable price.
  • We can Design as per customer Need.

Cuple has factories and workshops abroad that produce the latest fashionable designs special for us. Besides taking much care of all age groups and genders of our customers we do focus on children shoes, we manufacture designs which are unique from other brands that exist in the country covering all Classifications.